Propulsion Naval, S.L.... more than 35 years working to create propellers.

Pronasa Fundada en 1967        Pronasa Fundada en 1967

Propulsion Naval en la actualidad

Propulsión Naval S.L. is a company who manufacture constant and variable pitch propellers in all bronze alloys. With 35 years of propeller manufacturing behind it, the quality is achieved during production processes as casting, machining, grinding and quality control. 

Our company is guaranted by more of 10.000 propellers manufactured for the most prestigious shipyards throughout the world. We are also indorsed by a design and engineering team well known by it's solvency. We apply the latest software and hardware technology, which allows us to fully optimise the quality of our products and the different production processes ensuring a quick and effective service.

We can manufacture monobloc propellers up to 5000 mm diameter and total weight of 10 Tons, and blades for controlable pitch propellers up to 4 Tons.

Polgono Industrial de Guarnizo - Nave 19A - 39611 Guarnizo - Astillero (Cantabria) - Spain
Tel.: (+34) 942 25 00 58 / Fax: (+34) 942 25 45 20