Propellers design

New design concepts are developed using the lastet softwares in order to create innovatives of propulsion systems.

Our company supplies the propellers to the shipbuilding industry and to all types of vessels, in that take part our designers applying all their knowledge and experience together with modern software design methods for developing propellers to guarantee:

  • High efficiency of the propeller.
  • High accuracy and safe manoeuvring.
  • Lower fuel cost..
  • Lower noise and vibration level.

Our engineering department studies your project to develop an efficient design and to give you an appropriate solution according to your needs. The main activities we develop are:

  • Complete propeller proyect and calculation.
    (Plains approved by different Classification Societies)
    Cálculos completos Cálculos completos Cálculos completos
  • Speed prognostic.
  • Consumption prognostic.
  • Complete evaluation of engine-propeller performance:
    Evaluaciones completas Evaluaciones completas Evaluaciones completas
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